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Lightning SD / TF Camera Memory Card Reader

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  • Metal body and Braided Nylon Cable
  • Spring-Loaded Mechanism, Easy Plag and Out
  • 2 in 1 Adapter: SD Card and Micro SD Card
  • Support for iOS 9.2 and later
The Stouchi SD/Micro SD card reader for iPhone and iPads does not need to download third-party APPs and no internet connection required. It can be read and written by the Apple system's Photos and Files APP, without worrying about privacy. Ideal for photography enthusiasts.

System requirements:
iOS 9.2 above and iPadOS.

For iOS 9.2-12.4 Users:
Supports one-way transmission from SD/Micro SD to the iOS Device via iOS Photos APP.
When the SD Card Reader is inserted, the Photos app will pop up automatically.

For iOS 13 and iPadOS Users:
Supports two-way transmission via iOS Files APP.
When inserting the SD Card Reader, you need to open the Photos or Files app manually.

1. If photos or videos aren't transferring, be sure the memory card is inserted properly into the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader. Completely unplug the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader and memory card, then reconnect them and try again.

2. If photos were not taken by the digital camera, use your computer, create a folder called "DCIM" to the root of your memory card. Copy the photos and videos into the DCIM folder. Rename each photo and video file as "IMG_XXXX", where XXXX is a unique number. For example, if you had one JPG file and oneMOV file, name them "IMG_0001.JPG" and "IMG_0002.MOV".

Packing List:
1 x SD Card Adapter
1 x English User Manual

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